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Anand Sahadeo

AnanToday, we’re shining the spotlight on Anand Sahadeo. As our assembly/disassembly specialist, Anand has a very specific role that not just anybody can do. In fact, he has 10 years of experience doing this work – 9 of them right here at Yorktown Auto Body.

When a car comes into the shop, one of the first steps is for Anand to take apart the vehicle. Whether it’s a run-in with a deer or a bad car accident, Anand disassembles everything so we can check to see how extensive the damage is. Sometimes there’s damage to interior parts you wouldn’t have seen from the outside. Once everything has been repaired and all the parts have been painted, it goes back into Anand’s hands for him to work his magic and put it all back together again.

“Yorktown is a beautiful place to work” Anand says. “It’s a clean shop and we all treat each other like family. We all put in 100 percent at work to do things right. Everyone here works very hard.”

When he’s not at work, Anand likes to relax at home in the Bronx with his wife of two-and-a-half years. His job at Yorktown involves a lot of physical labor, so when he’s home, he enjoys taking it slow, playing pool or watching a movie.

We’re lucky to have Anand at Yorktown, and we’re thankful for his many years with us!